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Why Isn’t My Website Ranking Better on Google?

Perhaps you’re a business owner who recently launched or upgraded their website only to find that it’s not ranking in the search engines as well as you had hoped.  Your company’s ranking can have a major impact on how many new customers you attract. It’s estimated that 76% of people will turn to search engines like Google vs. the phone book when they are looking for business information. Want to know what are the critical elements that affect your websites ranking in major search engines? Contact us Digital Flores for a free SEO audit.

Digital Flores SEO Process

When it comes to finding an SEO company, there is a lot of information available (most of which is confusing, misleading or just plain inaccurate). At Scottsdale Website Design™, we do things a little bit differently. We know that you want tangible, measurable results for your hard earned money, not ambiguous, empty promises and slick sales talk. Some SEO companies will use tricks and gimmicks to temporarily boost your sites ranking for certain keywords. These are often referred to as “black-hat” SEO tactics, and in the long run, they will hurt your ranking more than it helps. At Scottsdale Website Design™, everything we do is strictly above board. We use strictly “white-hat” techniques (AKA. Google approved and above board strategies) to help build your natural search engine ranking.

In order to create the best possible results for our clients, we follow a systematically five-step process to build your ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Step 1 – Keyword Research 

We start by helping you determine which keywords and phrases you should be trying to rank for. By using systematic research methods, we can use real-world data to find out what words will produce the most traffic for your business. People are often very surprised to learn that the words they thought would be the most profitable and productive really aren’t. For instance, let’s say you run a tennis school and you thought that “learn tennis” was the word you really wanted to rank well for on Google. However, it turns out that “tennis school” will bring you almost twice as much traffic to your website. This is why it’s so critical to make sure you’re targeting the most effective keywords possible. We can help you do just that.

  • Targeted keywords are the unique words or phrases our research has determined are most likely to be used by your potential customers in a search engine when trying to find a site like yours.
  • Keyword themes are groups of closely related target keywords. A single keyword theme can often represent dozens of very closely related phrases with similar meanings, but many slight variations in word order, tense, and qualifying words.

Step 2 – Optimizing Your Site

Next, we go through your website and optimize the various pages make them rank well for the keywords you’re targeting. This is a very important process and takes a knowledgeable, experienced professional. There is a lot of bad information floating around about what will make a web page rank well in search engines like Google. We cut through all the myths and hearsay to produce tangible measurable results for you.

  • Page Optimization: By optimizing certain elements of your web pages to support our targeted keywords we influence how search engines interpret your site’s relative value compared to sites targeting similar keywords.

We will optimize the key elements of your website’s pages to fully support the appropriate targeted keywords.

Step 3 – Technical Site Audit

In order to rank well in search engines, your website’s pages must first be accessible and indexable. Unfortunately, there a variety of technical issues that can hinder your website’s organic search visibility.

  • Sitewide Optimizations: We begin each campaign sprint with a review of your site to identify & prioritize any technical issues that may impact your site’s performance. These efforts can include resolving sitewide issues that affect indexation, or adjusting schema markup or improving performance tracking by setting up or adjusting Google Analytics.

Step 4 – Content Site Audit

Web Content includes the text copy, images & video elements of your website to communicate with visitors & search engines. Content must be optimized to achieve the best results for both audiences; to drive additional traffic to the website and help ensure site visitors to become customers.

  • The Customer: Your website users are our first priority. The copy & imagery of your site should focus first on effectively communicating with your current and potential customers.
  • Search Engines: Additionally, it’s important that search engines understand your site’s content and find it both relevant and valuable compared to sites targeting similar keywords.

Step 5 – Build Inbound & Outbound Links

Search engines rely on backlink signals to appraise your site’s relative authority on a subject matter compared to sites with similar content. The quality of links pointing to your website can have a considerable impact on how well it performs in organic search. Thus, acquiring valuable new link signals is an integral part of our strategy to improve your site’s organic search visibility.

  • Competitor Backlink Profile Overview: We have reviewed the backlink profiles of some of the top performing sites targeting similar keywords. This process has helped us identify their relative strengths & weaknesses, and determine the kind of links that would be most effective for our team to acquire for your site.

Step 6 – Monthly Reports

We provide you with ongoing monthly (or even weekly) reports about how your website is ranking, where you’ve improved, and what still needs work. These detailed SEO reports have a lot of very useful and relevant information to help you evaluate how effective the SEO process has been for your site.

Step 7- Rinse and Repeat

It’s important to know that there is no instant fix for your search engine ranking. It takes a consistent, ongoing effort to actually improve your ranking in a meaningful and tangible way. Some SEO companies will use gimmicks to try and trick the search engines into ranking your site higher, but these are very temporary and will ultimately hurt you in the long run.